The End… Yeah Right!

Argh that was the quickest five weeks ever!! Where did the time go?

Well if we knew that… 😜

First and foremost, thank you. Thank so very much all of you who’ve been reading and liking and commenting and sharing. I won’t tell you how much of my last few weeks have been taken up by refreshing the Stats page then wandering around grinning like a loon!

I’m so beyond chuffed that Linley and her story has been piquing your interest because frankly I’m a bit obsessed with her! And Granny, and Nate and Solveig and Cara and Roddy and… ooh shall I tell you the Viking’s name?

Did I just tell you he’s important enough to have a name… ?

And all the rest. Seriously, I can barely get out of bed for drowning in notebooks filled with Linley ideas. If you want to read them, I’ll write them!

Actually, I’ll probably write them either way 😉

Some of you already know about the Pilot Project (link there to my own blog where I chat about it a bit more!). Basically, the idea was to run short ‘pilot seasons’ of a few different projects, and decide from there where to go next with them. So my first question is:

Would you like to read more Linley?




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    1. Thanks so much, I’m so chuffed!! And it’s terrible I’ve got right behind with my blog visiting while all this is going on – will pop by soon! Thanks again and Linley will be back soon! 😊😊😊


  2. Yes, please bring Linley back. You can’t stop now!!

    I like it being in the form of a blog. I can’t necessarily read every day, but I don’t mind catching up with a few posts at a time… just like when I read real blogs 🙂

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    1. You mean to say you don’t think this is real – whaaaaa…?! 😉 But good point, I like the blog form too – I think I’ll definitely keep that, but maybe make it slightly longer posts less often, which you could read in one go or else come back to!


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