The End… Yeah Right!

Argh that was the quickest five weeks ever!! Where did the time go? Well if we knew that… 😜 First … More

Trust, Faith, Companionship

“He speaks the language of the sagas,” Solveig says in a half whisper. We’re all at Cara’s restaurant, in our … More

Identity Parade

Solveig slips her hand into mine and I’m grateful. There’s nothing to be scared of, he’ll be behind a thick … More

Life is too Short

I don’t trust Nate. I’ve just woken from a fractured sleep with that thought rattling around in my mind. I … More

Family Ties

I went back to work today. I hated to leave Granny on her own, but when I got up this … More


I’m sitting in front of the electric fire, wrapped in a crocheted throw that Granny made for me when I … More


I left just after that. I got out onto the main road and just sort of looked blindly about, then … More

Don’t Have a Cow

“A cow?” repeated Cara, staring at Solveig as though she’d turned into one herself. We were at the restaurant, at … More

The American

I followed him. Tit for tat, eh? Two can play at that game, and all that. After getting a bit … More


I’m not about to go off and confront some mysterious American before I’ve spoken to Roddy, so first thing this morning … More