The story so far…

While out paddleboarding on Loch Lomond to distract herself after being unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend of five years, Linley got into a scuffle with some vikings and lost a year of her life. As if getting on the wrong side of some grouchy lost-in-time vikings weren’t bad enough, her long lost grandfather has also shown up… and he is in his early twenties. And Linley isn’t quite sure if she can trust him.

And just to really make her day, a spate of brutal murders has Police Scotland completely baffled – but two detectives are becoming increasingly convinced that Linley knows more than she is telling.

This is Linley’s blog.

She reports on what’s going on with her in real time as she lives it, just like any blog. Sometimes there’s a flurry of activity, other times she’s just plodding along, checking in with posts from time to time. She’ll chat in the comments too, if you have any questions or advice for her… have at it!!

It’s a work of fiction.

I would hope that’s obvious from the time travel, but you never know on the internet. This project started last year with a ‘pilot’ month of posts in which Linley discovered that she had lost a year and that there were vikings on her case (read those posts here – though please note I’ve changed a handful of details since then!)

This is, to borrow my friend Katie‘s phrase, my writer playground. I have a billion ideas about Linley and her adventures, and this is where I let my imagination go wild and ideas tumble in whatever direction they like. The posts are edited for typos and whatnot, but they’re rough-round-the-edges, from-the-gut drafts, and sometimes they are bonkers.

Anything more you’d like to know about me, head on over to my website or feel free to shoot me an email!

Enjoy! xx

*Note: it’s a mildly grown up story. Bit of language, plenty violence, spot of naughty stuff. Read at your own risk 😉*


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